Helping Community Colleges Help
ESL Students Succeed

For many ESL students completing their college education is a significant step towards achieving the American Dream.  For these students and their families, completing their college education can help them provide for their family.  According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, those with a bachelor’s degree earned significantly higher compared to those only with a high school diploma.

However, there are a number of barriers that may hinder ESL students from achieving their goals.  Among these barriers are inability to choose the right college, lack of familiarity with the college’s admission requirements and lack of financial support may prevent an ESL student from even completing his college degree.  Fortunately, there are community colleges in California that have been helping ESL students obtain their bachelor’s degree.  For this reason, community colleges have become the preferred destination among many ESL students.

Saving up for a university degree

One of the many reasons why students prefer to go to a community college is the potential savings that the students and parents realize. Imagine the disparity between the tuition costs in a university and the tuition costs in a community college. According to educationcorner.com, tuition costs in public and private universities are much more expensive compared to community colleges.  At public universities, tuition can start at $8,000.  Tuition costs can go much higher in private universities if you will include the living expenses and other costs known as sticker price.  Because of the disparity in the cost, students prefer to take the same courses and classes at community colleges to realize significant savings.

Help transition into the “big league”

According to Frieda Lee, Director of Student Outreach Services, San Francisco State University, “People do use the community college as a stepping-stone to the four-year school. It’s a wonderful option, and, especially [for] students who are not eligible out of high school, this is a very viable option. So, I’m a strong proponent of go to college. And if you can’t get to a four-year school right out of high school, go to the community college because they have a transfer function. And the students who go to the community college for the first two years are taking the same kinds of courses as students who are at the four-year.”

Many students realize that community college can offer significant edge since the classes are smaller in size.  Some students realize that its hard to immediately transition from a high school setting to a university setting.  Given this situation, they prefer the setting in a community college where they can easily keep up with the peace compared to the demands of the university life.

Given the unique advantages of enrolling in a community colleges, many students are preferring the community college life to a university life.  In fact, many of them are not only surviving but thriving in the more personalized approach in a community college setting.

Many students have realized that success is possible with the help of community colleges. Community college helps them transition to a university life.  They are also more ready to take on the challenges of university education. To find your own success in community college, you need partners who can help you write your academic essays and research papers. Visit our website at iwritegigs.com