Advantage of Community Colleges to Single Moms

The prevailing notion among single moms is their responsibility to care for their child. These expectations alongside the hurdle of meeting financial needs limit opportunities to complete collegiate education or pursue new programs to support their career aspirations. Community colleges across the United States recognize these difficulties and strive to encourage single mothers to persevere and find the balance between academic studies, parenting, and employment goals. The following are some perks that single moms expect to receive from community colleges.

Increase in Enrollment Numbers

The increase in enrollment numbers offers an indication that community colleges remain accommodating to the needs of single mothers. According to the report of the Institute of Women’s Policy Research (IWPR), there is a significant increase in the number of single mother enrollees in community college from 1999 and 2012. Specifically, it shows the rate more than doubled, and 44% enrolled in community colleges (Kruvelis, Cruse, and Gault, 2017). These numbers demonstrate how different locations continue to welcome and encourage single mothers to pursue educational opportunities.

Opportunities for Women of Color

Community colleges also expand opportunities for women of color to access quality education and programs. It means specific programs offer ways for single parents to learn relevant knowledge and develop expertise. These are valuable to progress available employment and access financial stability. The women of color data are essential because it demonstrates how community colleges continue to embrace the diversity of its school population and create a supportive environment for people regardless of their social, cultural, and economic background. 

Providing a Support System

Single mothers also have access to support systems to address the challenge of meeting academic and parental responsibilities. Most California community colleges, for instance, offer childcare programs to accommodate the time mothers spend inside the classroom. The availability of low-cost child care, peer support groups, and scholarships for deserving students provide a system that encourages single mothers to become committed to their goal.

Expanding Coverage in the Future 

While community colleges offer these perks, there are still areas left for improvement. One of the relevant issues comes from the still high dropout rates. These are different circumstances that cause the situation. However, colleges should try to explore innovative programs that can encourage single mothers to come back. One way to do this is through the expansion of coaching and career seminars where counselors can share strategies to help young people meet their goals.

A Positive Outlook

Overall, single mothers now have better opportunities to expand their knowledge and skills through community college education. These institutions continue to offer perks and support mechanisms to progress career aspirations. Enabling these young learners to remain dedicated to their goals can provide a positive outlook and help single parents recognize the benefit of obtaining a college degree.


Kruvelis, M., Cruse, L.R., and Gault, B. (2017). Single Mothers in College: Growing Enrollment Financial Challenges, and Benefits of Attainment. Institute for Women’s Policy Research. Retrieved from https://iwpr.org/publications/single-mothers-college-growing-enrollment-financial-challenges-benefits-attainment/

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