About Us

Are you a Community College student?

It is common knowledge that community college is a cheaper alternative for those who want to get to college. It is also a good alternative for immigrants who are new to the United States considering the difficulty in the college application process. Many students who struggled in high school also prefer the community college because its more lenient in terms of the GPA requirement.

Recently, there is an increase in the number of students enrolled in community college. The prevailing sentiment is that community college serves as a sensible option for students who are still undecided about their future. 

To succeed in community college, you need hardworking partners whom you can consult for your  essays and research papers.

Who We Are

iWriteGigs Research Network is a multidisciplinary organization—a team of professionals coming from a wide variety of fields and expertise. It is a team of professional writers and researchers with many years of experience in editing/proofreading/writing website and blog content, and academic papers.  We closely work with companies to provide them with the most appropriate topics and content for their website and blogs.  Our goal is to drive traffic to our clients’ websites and blogs.  We also consult with ESL students and provide assistance from the start of the essay writing process until the end.  The goal is to help improve the students’ essay and research paper writing skills.

What started as a hobby became a lifelong passion—writing website content and blogs, essays, research papers, term papers, academic reports, theses, and dissertations is now a career that we so passionately pursue. We satisfy our thirst for knowledge by engaging to various writing and researching tasks on a daily basis. In turn, we earn money while helping improve our clients’ bottom line.

What is our Mission

Our mission is to help you get the most out of your business.  In an ideal world, entrepreneurs should work on ensuring they have fresh and up to date content for their websites and blogs.  However, in real life, we know and understand that some entrepreneurs are saddled too many admin tasks that it is virtually impossible to update the contents of their websites and blogs from time to time.  Coming up with fresh and engaging content may also be considered as less important.  We seek to help entrepreneurs focus on their day to day operations while we think of ways to help them continue to drive traffic to their websites with our engaging and focused articles and web content.


In an era of technology, 21st-century learners are given the privilege of personalized education. You can choose to research and write about topics that interest you the most. You can choose to work only on the topics that you find most useful for your chosen career path. Then, get professional help for tasks that Let us take care of other assignments, projects and reports that you find least important for your own learning. While others are spending grueling time and effort on extracurricular projects, you can focus on the core subjects and activities—thereby boosting your chances to be ahead of your peers. In the long run, you are not just simply filtering your learning experience; you leverage time and effort and maximize your education.