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iWritegigs.com is your reliable partner for your essay editing/proofreading/ and writing needs. Whenever we write web content, blogs and academic papers, our services include freebies such as free proofreading by an editor and free progress update notification report.

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Delivery  High School   College and University    Masters/Ph.D.Legal Writing, Technical Writing/
Marketing Analysis/Article Writing/
Web Content Writing
10 Days   $11.95/page    $11.95/page$12.95/page$11.95/page
7 Days   $12.95/page    $12.95/page$13.95/page$12.95/page
5 Days   $14.95/page    $14.95/page$15.95/page$14.95/page
3 Days   $17.95/page    $17.95/page$18.95/page$17.95/page
2 Days   $20.95/page    $20.95/page$22.95/page$20.95/page
24 Hours   $23.95/page    $23.95/page$24.95/page$23.95/page
12 Hours   $27.95/page    $27.95/page$29.45/page$27.95/page
8 Hours   $31.95/page    $31.95/page$33.45/page$31.95/page

Editing/Proofreading and Rewriting Services

Delivery     High School   College and University    Masters/Ph.D.
10 Days    $7.95/page    $7.95/page  $8.95/page
7 Days    $8.95/page    $8.95/page  $9.95/page
5 Days    $9.95/page    $9.95/page  $10.95/page
3 Days    $10.95/page    $10.95/page  $11.95/page
2 Days    $12.95/page    $12.95/page  $13.95/page
24 Hours    $14.95/page    $14.95/page  $15.95/page
12 Hours    $16.95/page    $16.95/page  $17.95/page
8 Hours    $18.95/page    $18.95/page  $19.95/page

Thesis and Dissertation Writing Services

DeliveryHigh SchoolCollege and UniversityMasters/Ph.D.
30 – 60 Days   $13.95/page   $14.95/page$15.95/page
30 Days   $15.95/page   $16.95/page$17.95/page
20 Days   $17.95/page   $18.95/page$19.95/page
15 Days   $19.95/page   $20.95/page$21.95/page
10 Days   $21.95/page   $22.95/page$23.95/page

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