Facts About Community Colleges in the U.S.

If you are new to an American public educational system, you might consider going to a community college in California to be very appealing option.

1. According to the US News, community colleges are public higher education institutions seeking to offer affordable and accessible educational opportunities to all.  ESL students can earn an associate degree which can be completed in two years time.  Unlike universities, the associate degree is the highest degree available.
2.  Majority of community colleges are open access which means that almost everybody who submits their application are accepted.  Majority of the students in community colleges tends to be older.
3. ESL students prefer community colleges because they offer small class sizes, affordability and convenience which is more beneficial to ESL students who need greater assistance from the professors.
4.  More students are enrolling at California community college because of lower tuition rates.
5. Students are discovering that they can accomplish their academic goals in community colleges and achieve success in their careers.
6. Californians with a college degree will earn $400,000 more in their lifetime compared to those with only a high school diploma.
7. Students with a degree or certificate from California community college double their earnings within three years.
8.  Attending or graduating from California community college increases your chance of finding a good job compared to those who failed to complete high school.
9. Many community college students consider the community as their second opportunity to enroll in their first choice university.
10. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, occupations with an associate degree will grow by 18% through 2020.
11.  You too can find success by choosing to go to a community college in California.

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