Four Year or Two Year Course:
Which is the Better Alternative

With the growing and increasingly complex demands of the local and global labor market, it is imperative that students gain a better and more extensive knowledge of the requirements of the various industries in the marketplace. In this light, students are pressured to consider whether what they have are enough for the jobs in the market, whether these have the resources to gain access to these jobs, and whether these need to further hone their skills to be employed in the current work environment. Education officials must ensure that the current structure ensures that students entering the workforce have adequate skills and knowledge, are prepared to handle responsibilities when these enter the workforce, and be ready to engage university requirements to gain that high educational attainment. Hence, community colleges can help ensure that the students are ready, be it academically, mentally, and even financially if these should choose to opt to transfer to the university.

University interaction near home

Many of the community colleges can help in giving students the “college experience” but in a smaller and easier setting for the students. Community colleges are geared to serving the needs of the local community where these are located. Most of these institutions offer their students recreational, social and cultural options that will help them acclimatize or strengthen their bonds to their local community. It can be stated that community colleges, aside from being able to offer their students an excellent academic option, can also help students gain a view of the unique culture in their immediate and national communities. With respect to their curriculum and choice of courses to choose from, the course choice is comparable to those being offered in many universities at a fraction of the price of the universities.

Helps the student have a longer to decide on “what I want to be”

Universities are difficult places to “get your feet wet.” Community colleges can help students gain some relief from the pressures of immediately having to deal with the “what I want to be” issue. Community colleges can help the students to “get their feet under them,” so to speak. For example, students that have a low GPA norm can enroll in a community college and get them started at improving their grades and study habits to be able to cope with the academic pace and demands of university life. In addition, students that opt to take a few years to take community college courses are ensured of getting quality education since classes in community colleges are smaller, giving the students a longer time to spend with their students who actually teach their students. Ultimately, it is the student who will decide whether he/she is ready to go direct to university or to take a slower but better route to that goal.

In general, it depends on the student’s long-term goal whether he intends to go to a community college first or go straight to a four-year university. In the event, however, that the student seeks to enroll in a community college only as a stepping stone for a four-year university, it is imperative for the student to communicate with the college counselor or transfer advisers. Community colleges have transfer programs that assist students to gain a smooth transition to a university. This way, the units completed in the community college can be credited towards the four-year university units.

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