Community Colleges Helps ESL Students Prepare for University Education

Students that look to enter universities often turn to community colleges for a number of benefits. In the past, community colleges were not even “on the radar” of students, with many of them looking to jump straight to university life without as much as batting an eyelash. Given these developments, students must be prepared to cope with the challenges that come with the market demands. However, there may be instances when the students may be ill-prepared to take on university academic life. In this light, what can community colleges offer to help students be better prepared to take on the “big leagues?”

“Less costs and worries”

According to a community college student, community colleges are appealing because of the financial advantage.  She said that the costs of going to community college per semester is less than two thousand dollars per semester.  Many of the students that enroll in community colleges normally take public transportation networks as the students are from the immediate area near or around the college. Here, the students are the ones responsible for their expenses, resulting in significant savings for the students and their families. In addition, individuals coming from the low income economic brackets will be able to gain access to higher education opportunities that would have been inaccessible to this sector. Poor students often lack the resources and support these would need to enter college, gain financial assistance, and ultimately finish their courses. Moreover, community college would help people gain a semblance of the pace at the university.

“Testing the waters”

One community college student said that attending a community college is perhaps the best she ever did. She said that it served as the perfect place for her to figure out what she is going to pursue and which university she is going.  She added, that it was also in a community college where she met the professors that inspired her to finish her bachelor’s degree.  Being able to set oneself in a specific course requires that the students know exactly what their course entails both in academic and financial terms. Students that opt to enroll in community colleges help the person to get the education that they need and at the same time be able to identify which course they will want to take. Students will be able to know themselves better; students will be given time to identify their strengths as well as work on their deficiencies if these would opt to transfer to a university to pursue additional studies. In essence, students that are ill-prepared to handle the pace and demands in the university can hone their “studying skills,” use that to get their grades higher, and then if they believe that they have “gotten their act together,” then these can pursue further studies.

“Polishing your educational image”

Given that community colleges have a less challenging academic environment, students will be able to the opportunity to polish up their academic credentials before these consider applying for a four-year university degree. When the GPAs of the students falter during their freshman and sophomore years, it is commonly expected that the student’s grades will not recover. If the grades of the students will be less than glowing, the job prospects of the students will be hard hit, dampening the economic lookout of the students. Community colleges can help the students work in raising their GPAs without burdening them too much with academic work.

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