Cover Letter Writing And Business Emails

What do employers want? They want somebody who has superior communication skills.  Aside from above average reading, listening, and speaking skills, employers want individuals who have excellent writing skills.  Applicants need to be able to convey their thoughts and ideas.  At the same time, you should be media savvy.

Aside from your resume, a cover letter is the first chance for you to make a favorable first impression on the potential employers. We know that in most cases, applying for a job is all about first impressions! What makes the cover letter even more critical than your resume is the fact that you directly reach out to the hiring manager using the cover letter. You talk to them, assert yourself by highlighting your qualifications, and extend willingness for further communication by requesting an interview. There’s so much you can do with a well-written cover letter!

iWritegigs.com delivers superior resume writing services and cover letter writing services.  Our goal is to effectively communicate to the hiring managers that you are a dynamic and talented individual who will fit well within the organization.  Our top notch cover letter writers will help you craft a stand-out cover letter to suit its intended purpose. We do not give you recycled and robotic cover letters distributed time and time again. We make everything from scratch and customize the cover letter for you.

We ask questions: what job you’re seeking, your current skillset and expertise, and unique soft skills. Then, we translate the information we gather into a standout cover letter that increases the likelihood for an interview.

Helpful Tips:

1.  Parts of a Basic Business Letter