Fresh Grad Lands Job as Real Estate Agent With Help from Professional Writers

People go to websites to get the information they desperately need.  They could be looking for an answer to a nagging question.  They might be looking for help in completing an important task.  For recent graduates, they might be looking for ways on how to prepare a comprehensive resume that can capture the attention of the hiring manager

Manush is a recent graduate from a prestigious university in California who is looking for a job opportunity as a real estate agent.  While he already has samples provided by his friends, he still feels something lacking in his resume.  Specifically, the he believes that his professional objective statement lacks focus and clarity. 

Thus, he sought our assistance in improving editing and proofreading his resume. 

In revising his resume, iwritegigs highlighted his soft skills such as his communication skills, ability to negotiate, patience and tactfulness.  In the professional experience part, our team added some skills that are aligned with the position he is applying for.

When he was chosen for the real estate agent position, he sent us this thank you note:

“Kudos to the team for a job well done.  I am sincerely appreciative of the time and effort you gave on my resume.  You did not only help me land the job I had always been dreaming of but you also made me realize how important adding those specific keywords to my resume!  Cheers!

Manush’s story shows the importance of using powerful keywords to his resume in landing the job he wanted.

SAAS Entrepreneur Obtains Bank Loan Because of his Winning Business Plan

Christian is a founder of a software as a service business.  He has been operating his business for over 5 years.  Over the span of 5 years, he managed to attract clients to sign up for his services.  After growing his client base and earning 5-figures each month, he decided he needed to obtain a low-interest loan from a reputable back to fund his planned expansion.

In order to convince bank to lend him their money, he needed to present a professional looking business plan to help the bank representatives understand his business.  Realizing the importance of a winning business plan, Christian sought the help of iwritegigs.com

Among the changes we made were in the Company Description portion where we not only explained in detail the company’s operations and how it solves specific business problems.  For the Market Analysis portion, we explained in detail the entire industry Christian’s business is operating in.  We identified the competitors and his edge over his competitors.  We also explained the future trend the industry is heading into and how Christian’s SAAS business figures into this trend. More importantly, we informed Christian to present proof of his company’s financial health. We explained in detail his plans for expansion and how much money is needed to achieve his goal.

Needless to state, the commercial bank approved Christian’s request for loan.  In his Thank You note, he said:

“Many thanks for the killer business plan we worked on.  You guys are angels sent to me.  Congratulations to the team for a job well done. I hope you help more entrepreneurs like me grow their businesses.  I will surely bring some clients your way!”