Fresh Grad Lands Job as Real Estate Agent With Help from Professional Writers

People go to websites to get the information they desperately need.  They could be looking for an answer to a nagging question.  They might be looking for help in completing an important task.  For recent graduates, they might be looking for ways on how to prepare a comprehensive resume that can capture the attention of the hiring manager

Manush is a recent graduate from a prestigious university in California who is looking for a job opportunity as a real estate agent.  While he already has samples provided by his friends, he still feels something lacking in his resume.  Specifically, the he believes that his professional objective statement lacks focus and clarity. 

Thus, he sought our assistance in improving editing and proofreading his resume. 

In revising his resume, iwritegigs highlighted his soft skills such as his communication skills, ability to negotiate, patience and tactfulness.  In the professional experience part, our team added some skills that are aligned with the position he is applying for.

When he was chosen for the real estate agent position, he sent us this thank you note:

“Kudos to the team for a job well done.  I am sincerely appreciative of the time and effort you gave on my resume.  You did not only help me land the job I had always been dreaming of but you also made me realize how important adding those specific keywords to my resume!  Cheers!

Manush’s story shows the importance of using powerful keywords to his resume in landing the job he wanted.

Week 2 Quiz The Trolley Problem & Relativism

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Need help with your exam preparation?

Below are the questions for the exam with the choices of answers:

Question #1
A  relativism
B  egoism
C  utilitarianism
D  ethics
Question #2
A  volatile marriage
B  male domination
C  disregard for the life of elders
D  morally permissible infanticide
Question #3
A  Egoism and Communalism
B  Hedonism and Virtue
C  Consquentialism and Deontology
D  Action and Inaction
Question #4
A  The moral code of our own society has no special sta- tus; it is but one among many.
B  The moral code of a society determines what is right within that society; that is, if the moral code of a society says that a certain action is right, then that action is right, at least within that society.
C  It is arrogant for us to judge other cultures. We should always be tolerant of them.
D  There is no objective standard that can be used to judge one society’s code as better than another’s. There are no moral truths that hold for all people at all times.
E  Different societies have different moral codes.
Question #5
A  relativism 
B  utilitarianism
C  ethics
D  egoism
E  morality
Question #6
A  The idea of moral progress is called into doubt.
B  We could no longer criticize the code of our own society.
C  We could no longer say that the customs of other societies are morally inferior to our own.
D  It is easier to convince people from different cultures what is right or wrong.
Question #7
A  To be open-minded about other cultures.
B  That the ends always justify the means
C  That we need to protect morality from relativism.
D  That there is no such thing as right or wrong.
Question #8
A  utilitarianism 
B  ethics
C  morality 
D  relativism 
Question #9
A  a surgeon operating on organ donors 
B  a pandemic virus
C  Self-driving car
D  Public Housing Design
Question #10
A  Trick question, he doesn’t actually bring up excision in this chapter.
B  To demonstrate how religion is the key to solving moral disputes.
C  To provide an example of a moral act that most people across cultures would argue is always wrong.
D  To show that all moral actions are always equally moral.