Fresh Grad Lands Job as Real Estate Agent With Help from Professional Writers

People go to websites to get the information they desperately need.  They could be looking for an answer to a nagging question.  They might be looking for help in completing an important task.  For recent graduates, they might be looking for ways on how to prepare a comprehensive resume that can capture the attention of the hiring manager

Manush is a recent graduate from a prestigious university in California who is looking for a job opportunity as a real estate agent.  While he already has samples provided by his friends, he still feels something lacking in his resume.  Specifically, the he believes that his professional objective statement lacks focus and clarity. 

Thus, he sought our assistance in improving editing and proofreading his resume. 

In revising his resume, iwritegigs highlighted his soft skills such as his communication skills, ability to negotiate, patience and tactfulness.  In the professional experience part, our team added some skills that are aligned with the position he is applying for.

When he was chosen for the real estate agent position, he sent us this thank you note:

“Kudos to the team for a job well done.  I am sincerely appreciative of the time and effort you gave on my resume.  You did not only help me land the job I had always been dreaming of but you also made me realize how important adding those specific keywords to my resume!  Cheers!

Manush’s story shows the importance of using powerful keywords to his resume in landing the job he wanted.

Quiz 3

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Need help with your exam preparation?

Below are the questions for the exam with the choices of answers:

Question #2
A  a fall in input prices
B  higher product taxes
C  improved technology
Question #3
A  decrease consumer demand.
B  shift the supply curve to the right.
C  increase consumer demand.
Question #4
A  demand.
B  quantity supplied.
C  quantity demanded.
Question #7
A  fewer transactions, and they will take place at a higher price.
B  more transactions, and they will take place at a lower price.
C  fewer transactions, and they will take place at a lower price.
Question #8
A  equilibrium.
B  supply schedule.
C  market stability.
Question #9
A  The equilibrium quantity falls.
B  The quantity supplied and the quantity demanded both rise.
C  Doughnut prices rise.
Question #10
A  firms determined what prices will be charged.
B  what prices will be charged.
C  allows prices to change depending on market conditions.
Question #11
A  Australia
B  United States
C  China
Question #12
A  There are a large number of buyers and sellers.
B  The number of sellers is limited to a select few.
C  Government does not intervene in any way.
Question #13
A  what goods will be produced.
B  allows consumers to influence prices based on demand behavior.
C  firms determine what goods to produce to maximize profits.
Question #14
A  the demand curve shifts to the left.
B  the demand curve shifts to the right.
C  there is a movement from one point to another along the demand curve.
Question #15
A  Population grows in a particular market area.
B  Price of the good changes.
C  Supply increases or decreases.
Question #16
A  quantity supplied : quantity demanded
B  price : quantity supplied
C  price : quantity demanded
Question #17
A  MP3 players and CD players are normal goods.
B  MP3 players and CD players are substitutes.
C  MP3 players and CD players are inferior goods.
Question #18
A  increase in the price of televisions today.
B  increase in the supply of televisions today.
C  decrease in the demand for televisions today.
Question #19
A  quantity produced.
B  price.
C  costs.