1. Jean Leon Gerome has an artistic style of presenting his idea through the emphasis of historical themes, striking colors, and cinematic appearance. Some of his works, such as Police Verso and The Slave Market, depicted the orientalism of the Western culture in the Eastern part of the world. Another main point is Gerome’s style in The Slave Market, such that the erotic style of a nude woman being surrounded by men is the symbol for the prostitution and authoritarian power of men in the society.
  2. In the painting of The Slave Market, Said’s definition of orientalism depicted the eroticism through the body language of men surrounding a naked woman’s body. The bold style of presenting this art is the actual depiction of men’s oppressive behavior on women in the medieval era.
  3. In my opinion, the orientalist art is inclining towards the style of contemporary art. Said described the style as “anti-integrationist” with a trace of Islamophobia of
    “contemporary Orientalism” (Shatz 2019). The artistic theme is centered on the persistent hostility of the art on the Muslim East’s existence within the Western vicinities.