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International Love Affair – KELEKETLA

The first thing that comes to mind about International Love Affairs is the colorful yet gripping vibes of international scenes of cultures, spectacles, and wonders of a group of dancers. This group of dancers exhibits a magnificent view and ambiance, which I am going to emphasize. The depiction of photos becomes a collage of images of dancers from African, Native Americans, and Hawaiians whom their colorful tribes form flamboyant shades and tints of culture toward the completeness of the song. As mentioned here, the first presented photo tries to accentuate the color palette that fascinates viewers in its enormous and superb collage of dancers internationally.

As well, I am going to use this color palette to match the elements of the images and photos. We can see in the get-go the Hawaiian dancers in their outfit in the yellow-green combination to begin their dance performances. we can notice the cadence of the song. Quite lovely, it spells magic as dancers move to the beat of the song. The rhythm and the tempo give an animated and lively theme to its nature. Looking closely at the group of dancers, we now notice how these dancers roughly create a repetitive theme as dancers manage to repeat the tempo. Well, following the first photo depiction is the collage of photos of international dancers. Starting the group of African female dancers on the left, the Hawaiian female dancers on the right, the Native American dancers down the left, and the Hawaiian dancers down the right with having 8-18 seconds per group to match transitions between the lyrics and the songs. Well, I can edit the scene if time reaches the required allotment.

Right now, I am visualizing. I am going to plan on integrating and using more photos and other images if I need more. I try to consider using various photos and edit if the output looks terrible. With a collection of photos and colors, I can use any of them and emphasize the best performances for International Love Affairs. If things that appear here do not match, I will edit the video to suit the needs of this treatment preview to underline how international love affair operates through the magic and spell of dances. For now, the images, shown here, choose to highlight the collage of colors and images of dancers performing their great dancing styles.

This piece of music makes us move our bodies towards the door. As the music continues, its rhythm lets us gyrate, turn, and twist like an axis on the ground, where our eyes are hooked in the distance to see all dancers in their respective nationalities and traditional customs. Here, the video moves slowly to highlight the vibrant dancers in their cultural and current dance. The tempo of the music echoes a great musical cadence that let nerves stop as imagine to open our eyes to see something magical – dancers in their best performances.


Dear Mellow Sound Company,

I truly like the pitch of your amazing sound and your artistic ability to combine audio and visual media. I cannot say anything but an appreciation of the fantastic job in terms of your animation style. It seems to me that your remarkable sound highlights your creativity and power to show your artistic style. Well, you did an amazing job on this.

Anyway, we want to hear more from you. I always appreciate you and respect you are as a creative artist. We surely love to hear from you more.

By the way, our friends require experts who can create great sounds and combine other media elements to form an imaginative technique with sounds and computer graphics. We do have a $4,000 budget or that music video with a 7-minute video timeframe. The topic focuses on an international love affair.

Submission of the video entry is on December 24th, a day before the Christmas Holiday. Please get back to us by Wednesday, on the 23rd.

We thank you in advance.

My Kind Regards




Ms. Amber,

We highly appreciate your inspiring words. We have been jumping up for joy to read your letter. And yes, we surely create a video for your friends that meet their demands. We have been planning to get started right away. Well, this serves as a confirmation.

Ms. Amber, we thank you for this opportunity. We love to collaborate with great artists who appreciate great sounds.

We are attaching the Treatment Preview with this letter. We hope you will enjoy the Treatment Preview. As we begin this project, we can only say that we love to hear from you.

Thank you very much.

Best Wishes,

Brett, Mellow Sound Company