An immigrant enrolls in a community college, gets assistance from professional academic writers

Some choose to move to United States for all the positive reasons while some have no choice but to leave their home country because of war. Refugees are left with no resources to start with to a new country. In the United States, some refugees are fortunate enough to enroll in community colleges through scholarships or “study now, pay later” schemes. However, most of them need to work while studying to support themselves or their family.

Salam is a refugee who was forced to flee from his home country due to a civil war. Due to his persistence and good scholastic records before the war, he received a scholarship from a non-government organization. He enrolled in a community college in California.

He had little time to recover from the psychological and emotional trauma brought by the war. He had to study in the morning and work at night. At times, he was barely sleeping because of the overwhelming number of school projects, exams, and assignments. He needs to maintain a certain grade to maintain the scholarship but he cannot stop working either because he supports himself and send some money to his family.

On the verge of losing hope to finish his studies, he stumbled upon iWriteGigs. He ordered a paper for a minor subject so that he can study for an exam in his major subject. As a result, he did well both in the assignment and the exam. From then on, he delegated small assignments to iWriteGigs so that he can focus on studying. He maintained high grades despite working part time.

Salam is just one of the many students helped by iWriteGigs to get the most out of their education by leveraging their time and effort. Through our team, these students can focus on what matters the most in their personal and scholastic growth.