Get Feedback: How Asking People Can Improve Your College Application

People seeking to apply for College or University education recognize the need to fulfill admission requirements. For some, the process can be daunting especially in talking about their capabilities and skills. While writing a personal statement or admission essay is a private activity, it does not mean you cannot ask for assistance. Here are some relevant people who can help you improve your admission.


Your instructor is one of the significant people you can ask for advice. In getting feedback, choose someone you feel comfortable. Try to ask about your strengths as a student and how you can showcase these in your application. If you like Mathematics, for example, you can talk to any instructor on the field and ask about related competencies and skills you can include in the application. They can indicate essential skills such as numeracy, attention to detail, and critical thinking as valuable.

Guidance Counselor

Guidance counselors are also relevant resources to appreciate the college and university admission process. Part of their responsibility involves offering graduating students advice on how they should pursue their undergraduate studies. They should have known about your interests and provide relevant information such as testing scores, psychological examinations, and insights into relevant competencies. Make sure to get as much data from your guidance counselor because these points help in creating a compelling personal statement.


Soliciting feedback from a previous supervisor can also help identify your abilities. The method applies to students who had the opportunity to seek summer employment or internship.  Getting inputs from your previous superior enables you to uncover positive attributes and areas for improvement. For example, your boss can emphasize how you work well in a team environment. You can use the observation as a supplement to highlight how you can contribute to the college or university.

Peer or Team Member

Students who are part of an organization or club can also obtain ideas from a peer or fellow team member. Their ideas can expound on your ability to fulfill specific projects or activities. They can explain your organizational skills and problem-solving capacity. Your contribution to the completion of a project or community work can help the admissions committee recognize your leadership potential. Also, you get to provide pertinent details that make your application stronger.

Learning from Feedback

Overall, the points above indicate the role that different people play in helping increase your chances of acceptance. Each can offer relevant ideas and suggestions on how you can write your admission essay and showcase relevant skills and abilities. As you learn to understand your strengths, you get to create a more persuasive story and emphasize why you should gain entry to the program.