Fresh Grad Lands Job as Real Estate Agent With Help from Professional Writers

People go to websites to get the information they desperately need.  They could be looking for an answer to a nagging question.  They might be looking for help in completing an important task.  For recent graduates, they might be looking for ways on how to prepare a comprehensive resume that can capture the attention of the hiring manager

Manush is a recent graduate from a prestigious university in California who is looking for a job opportunity as a real estate agent.  While he already has samples provided by his friends, he still feels something lacking in his resume.  Specifically, the he believes that his professional objective statement lacks focus and clarity. 

Thus, he sought our assistance in improving editing and proofreading his resume. 

In revising his resume, iwritegigs highlighted his soft skills such as his communication skills, ability to negotiate, patience and tactfulness.  In the professional experience part, our team added some skills that are aligned with the position he is applying for.

When he was chosen for the real estate agent position, he sent us this thank you note:

“Kudos to the team for a job well done.  I am sincerely appreciative of the time and effort you gave on my resume.  You did not only help me land the job I had always been dreaming of but you also made me realize how important adding those specific keywords to my resume!  Cheers!

Manush’s story shows the importance of using powerful keywords to his resume in landing the job he wanted.

Frequently Asked Questions


iWriteGigs Research Network is a multidisciplinary organization—a team of professionals coming from a wide variety of fields and expertise.  Our expertise is business writing for individuals and businesses.  Among our services for entrepreneurs are website content writing, blog content writing, article writing, press release and business plan writing.  We can also help with website redesign.  For individuals, we help write resume, statement of purpose essay and business email writing.   We also provide online tutoring services for ESL students. 

In iWriteGigs, we ensure that ALL our business writings are made from scratch. We take note of the questions, prompts, or requirements, do the research needed and write the paper from the beginning to end. Our writers are trained to use and cite reputable sources in a Works Cited or Bibliography page. We also see to it that the finished projects will never be resold to other clients.

Aside from ensuring that all papers are 100% original, we also avoid plagiarism to the core. We conduct plagiarism check using state-of-the-art anti-plagiarism software. We have editors who consistently check all business papers.  If there is unintended plagiarism attributed to loose or faulty paraphrasing, we ask our writers to rewrite the content.

Quality is the utmost code of iWriteGigs writers. Aside from using grammar checkers, we also have editors and proofreaders to ensure that ALL papers are with superb quality and ready for your submission to your professors. Most importantly, we offer this service for free unlike our competitors who charge for this additional service.

We hire our content writers through various platforms.  Before a content writer is hired, we require the applicant to submit his academic credentials. Our minimum requirement is that the application should at least be a college graduate with consistently excellent grade in his undergraduate years.  Holders of Master’s degree are welcome as well.  In addition, most of the time, our content writers are referred by other writers who have been working for us for many years. In this way, we are certain that we know most of our writers personally and the close-knit connection ensures good teamwork.

The minimum qualification for our writers and editors is a Bachelor’s Degree but most of our writers are either pursuing their Master’s, Ph.D., and MBA degrees. Before working for iWriteGigs, the potential writers must pass a test and work on a sample business writings to gauge their research and writing skills. Even if we tend to hire referred writers, we are strict in these minimum requirements.

iWriteGigs.com follows the industry format: 12 pt, Times New Roman, double-spaced, with one inch margins on all sides. We guarantee at least 300 words per page. For example, if you order three pages, your paper should have at least 900 words. If your professor requires 1 page single space, then you will have to pay an equivalent of 2 pages double spaced paper.

If you need to prepare business presentations at work, we can help with your PowerPoint presentations. You need to let us know if you need just the slides or we need to add speaker’s notes. You also have to let us know if we need to include images on the slides. Tell us your requirements and we will send you a quote.  Send us an email so we can prepare adequately your PowerPoint Presentations

We work closely with each of our client every time we are hired to write website content or article writing.   In every step of our business writing process, we communicate with the client to ensure that we understand the scope of our work and the requirements of the client.  We guarantee satisfaction for the work that we do.  We also guarantee that the papers you will get from us are original and written from scratch. We guarantee that the papers have been screened using our anti-plagiarism software. We also guarantee that we did our best for all our content and that we spent a sufficient amount of time to finish your paper and proofread them.

Once reason why have remained in business for more than 10 years is our ability to deliver papers that meet the clients’ standard. We strive to help you succeed in your business.  We consider your success as our success as well. Hence, we give our utmost effort to ensure that all our business content writing meet every business standard.  However, if our best efforts fall short to ensure your satisfaction, you simply have to let us know what we did wrong and what you think we should do to make it right. Our content writers will revise the article until you are satisfied with the result. You can also ask us to revise the paper until you are satisfied with the result. We will revise our work for free!

If we wrote that paper and you need that paper to be revised, we will revise it for free. Kindly avoid comments such as “the paper is bad or the paper is full or grammar errors” because they do not really help in improving the paper. If you are unsatisfied, simply tell us what we did wrong, and what we can do to make it right. If there are grammar errors, you can simply point it out so we can both check if the paper indeed has grammar errors.

In the unlikely event that the paper you receive fails to follow your instructions, kindly let us know immediately so we can make it right. Our writers will revise your paper until you are satisfied with the results. We can only offer unlimited and free revisions but we don’t offer refunds. Due to the nature of the business, we cannot promise refunds unless we fail to submit a finish paper (which NEVER happens). Even if we consider the clients as our utmost priority, we also respect the efforts of our writers. We try to avoid clients who pretend to complain just so they can enjoy free work.

In view of the sensitive nature of our services and its impact on our client’s standing in the industry, we strive to make sure that all information given by the clients are kept with utmost confidentiality. While we may ask for information such is necessary only to customize the client’s content. Moreover, the personal information of the client is not revealed to the writers. All the client’s personal information is kept in our system alone including the payment transactions and records.

If you will login to our website, you will notice that there is a section that says My Store Credits. My Store Credits are like rewards for ordering with us. Every time you order, you get a store credit of 5% of the amount you ordered. You can continue accumulate the rewards. When you have accumulated enough funds, you can use the money as payment for your next order

FAQ For the Affiliate Program

Just login to the website www.iwritegigs.com.  Click AFFILIATE tab on top of your screen.  Then copy the unique Affiliate Link and send it to your friends to earn commissions from all their orders.

Yes.  It is mandatory that the NEW CLIENT uses the AFFILIATE’S unique link.  Otherwise, the AFFILIATE will not be entitled to receive the commissions from the NEW CLIENT’s orders.

The commission percentage refers to the share of the affiliate for ALL client’s orders.  Currently, the Affiliate’s commission is at 5%.  The affiliate earns 5% everytime the NEW CLIENT they bring to the company places a completed order.

The Minimum Payout Amount refers to the minimum amount that the affiliate needs to earn before payouts can be released. Currently, the minimum payout is at $15 which means that the affiliate needs to earn at least $15 to be entitled to the payout.

Our system allows the Affiliate to see how many new clients he brings in to the company.  If 5 new clients registers using the unique Affiliate Link, the Affiliate will have 5 Referred Clients on his dashboard

Commissions are sent to the client’s PayPal email address.  The client is advised to indicate his email address where he wants the money to be sent and click UPDATE PAYPAL EMAIL ADDRESS

In the Earnings Summary, the Recent Outstanding Orders is the summary of the total number of orders completed by the New Clients solicited by the Affiliate.  If the Affiliate refers 2 new clients and they place 5 orders each for the month of January, the dashboard will reflect 10 orders for the month of January. 

In the Earnings Summary, the Commission Amount reflects how much commission the Affiliate will get.  The commission is 5% of the total orders paid by the new clients.  If the Affiliate solicits 2 new clients and they make repeat orders for a total accumulated amount of $100, the Affiliate gets $5 as commission. 

The affiliate receives the commission 45 days after the close of the month where he has accumulated the Minimum Payout Amount.

Example1 : Affiliate earns $15 for the month of January.  The Affiliate will receive his commission 45 days after the close of the month or 45 days from February 1st which should be March 15th.

Example 2: Affiliate earns $10 for the month of January.  Since $5 is not the minimum payout amount, Affiliate needs to wait until February to accumulate the $15.  On the next month the Affiliate earns $5 for the month of February.  The affiliate will receive his commission 45 days after the close of the month of February.  The affiliate will get his commission on April 15th

Under our policy, the minimum payout for every commission is at least $15. 

45 days is sufficient time for the company to screen all orders and verify that it is not in violation of any of the company’s policy. 

The company may decline the commission in either of the following cases:

  1. The order is a made by a client who is already registered before the Affiliate program was implemented.
  2. The order is cancelled or refunded to the client.
  3. The Affiliate commits any kind of dishonesty or makes an attempt to chat the company.

Commissions are approved when they meet all the requirements and terms and conditions of the company with the 45 day verification of the orders made.