Top Five LinkedIn Tips for Students and Fresh Graduates

Every year, a significant number of graduates adds up to the growing population of job seekers. With this kind of trend, finding a suitable job becomes more difficult. Thanks to rapid technological development! One does not have to knock to every company’s doors to apply for a job. Various companies post job vacancies on different job sites. These thousands of job engine sites allow one to find jobs and to apply for a certain position with one click. Knowing how to navigate on various job sites helps one find the job right for you. One of the job sites easy to use is LinkedIn. LinkedIn is considered being the largest network for professionals on the internet worldwide. In LinkedIn, professionals worldwide can connect to a fellow professional of the same track, students, and fellow alumni of a particular university. We can easily see job postage from company websites, newspaper ads, and other job sites if your network is large enough. It is therefore undeniable how important LinkedIn is in the corporate world. 

If you are fresh from the university’s pressure cooker or if you are still a student and is anxious about your future career after graduation, set up your own LinkedIn account now! Here are the five most important tips in setting up your LinkedIn account and profile.

Upload a headshot, professional profile picture

When you apply for a job, the thing a recruiter do is to search you on the internet. They will not look for your Facebook. They will look for your LinkedIn account. The first thing they will notice is your profile. But what happens when you have no photo? That makes your account look like a fake account. But what if your photo is a big joke? 

In a social experiment conducted by Princeton psychologists, Janine Willis and Alexander Todorov found that the first two qualities a person draws from looking at a photo are trustworthiness and competence. This is how important a profile picture is. Leave a good first impression. Now you know it, dress professionally, take the best headshot picture and upload it now!

Expand your network

Connect with your alumni, former professors, and company professionals. Follow experts so they will notify you to boundless opportunities. You may not know who among these people will help you get closer to your dream job. In LinkedIn, there is no place for shyness. Forget about your social anxiety and timid personality. Extend your network to the farthest possible connection because everyone knows by these links, one can easily get notified to future jobs and opportunities. 

Be found by the most number of people

Draw more traffic in your profile by using appropriate keywords in your headline, job title, summary, and skills. Maximize smartly the 120 spaces in your headline by increasing keywords density and use more keywords in your job title to be found easily. Besides, collect more recommendations from your colleagues, professors, and manager. Who knows which among these people a recruiter is familiar with and trusted? 

Strengthen your profile by adding your previous job position, accomplishments, and awards

This provides the recruiter an idea of how trustworthy you are and why they should also trust you. Put all your accomplishments and your actual role for each specific project you handled. This is also the right place to show off your Latin honors and awards, school position and remarkable general average. We recruit who shines the best and who will not notice how compelling you are online!

Last, show what you can do!

LinkedIn has an appropriate blog site called Pulse where one can upload his latest works and writings. The articles you have written tells a lot about you. It can attract more networks when more people viewed. This feature of LinkedIn allows anyone to see who you really are which tells people why they should hire you in their company.

Whether it is in LinkedIn or other job sites, a fresh graduate seeking jobs must learn how to navigate the sites and get the best out of them. The only goal is learning how to connect and getting accepted by a professional.