Top 4 Reasons to Change Careers

For some graduates and job seekers, But for many, a career change is necessary to find the new direction, seek a new life, leave a boring job or follow a passion. If you are stuck in an eight to twelve job that wears down your health and leaves you bored even in your two days off, then it’s time to change your career. Whatever your reason, a career change can spark a new life and help steer your career in the new direction if planned right and made with good resources. Now, here are the five reasons to change your career.

You are stressed

Regardless of your earning a modest salary package or not, if you are stressed too far,  your enthusiasm plummets. There is no point working for a company if you are dragging your feet, enduring tedious work and sacrificing family life because of overtime and few vacations. If your work stresses you out, then it’s time to move on. Save yourself from hospital bills caused by burn out, excessive caffeine intake, sleepless nights and possible drug abuse.

Your job outlook is threatened

Because of technological advances some jobs have to give way and join the obsolescence statistics. On recent years, there was a demise of jobs made obsolete by new inventions. On the 1990s, telephone long distance call centers abound and employed many clerks and telephone booth operators, but on 2000s decade the companies started the mass layout of telephone operators as the telecom company began to reduce its staff due to dwindling profits. If you work as a cashier, you may change career since the cashier position will be lost to automation. Similarly, jobs such as bookkeepers will disappear in the near future due to accounting software.

Unprofitable career

There is a recent argument that salaried employees are no more than salary slaves who are at the mercy of their employers. Finding yourself in an 8 to 12-hour work with a meager salary is a sure way to slow career advancement or saving yourself out of poverty. Low paying occupations give wages that are not enough for you to save for the future since these wages are only sufficient to cover the cost of living. If you are stuck in an unprofitable job, start looking for a profitable career.

Your job deprives you of personal life

This saying says “work with no play makes John a dull boy” –  which means that too much work is detrimental to health and normal living. You got a regular job but if it’s eating your time and depriving you of enough weekends and holidays to enjoy your hours with your family then, indeed, you deprive yourself with a personal life. Changing careers is the best way to escape jobs that sacrifices your freedom and health.

Your skills don’t match with your career

Being underemployed means you are either doing a full time or part time job that does not utilize your skills, experience or training. For instance, if you graduated as a  laboratory technician but accepted an only available salesman job then you are underemployed. Mismatched career and skills waste time and money. If you are in this situation, it’s time to find a new job.

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