SCUHS Chiropractic School Personal Statement

13 is the jersey number of my idol, Dan Mariano. 13 stick outs to be an unlucky number and it is also the sum of all the letters of my name, __________________. Throughout my life, I experienced a series of unfortunate events.

But before I tell you how I turned my life around, let me tell you first on how it all began. My American dream started when I was six years old, it is when my brother, my mother and I immigrated from Iran to United States. My mother raised us to be god-fearing and strong just like she was. She has been not only my mother but also stood up as a father for me and my brother.

My mother’s dream for me is to attend college. Life in Iran is very challenging and hard because of this she never had a chance to attend college. She is the reason that I persevered to finish my degree and hit that goal for her. Because for my mother, the feeling of raising a kid to college is more than enough than pursuing her personal dream. This is the reason I have huge respect for my mother. She had sacrificed so much for us, and I wanted to give back to her.

While I was in high school, I participated in football and represented Taft High School for four years in football leagues. I loved football because it is a perfect balance of physical and mental fitness. For me, it has become a language to find with new friends who shares the same interest as me. When I was in my senior year, all these things began to crumble when I had multiple ankle injuries that made me stop playing sports. I felt defeated because I lost my way to connect to world out there and it has made me depressed.

However, just like football, I was able to bounce back, and it led me to a path of healing and physical therapy. During my recovery, I have developed a passion in health, yoga, meditation and learning how the body works. I was inspired by the stories that my physical therapist shared to me during my stay in the clinic. More importantly, I wanted to mark another milestone for my family and that is to be the first one to pursue medicine. I may have never reached my football dream but through medicine I may be able to touch more lives and help them live their life fully again.

My experiences and involvement in sports made me appreciate how the human body works and its susceptibility to physical injury thus it made me realize the importance of the different techniques to treat and give remedy to such injuries. I always have a growing interest in specialized health career in which I can connect with patients with injuries and improve their physical health. I have participated and volunteered in my local community events, seminars, and projects that educate people on the importance of taking care of their physical well-being.  For these reasons, I am passionate in becoming a chiropractor. In addition, I am looking for universities where I can unleash my true potential and help me advance my career in an exceptional level. Southern California University of Health Sciences is one of the leading faculties that has diverse clinical trainings and innovative course design that can help me expand my knowledge and skills in medicine. I cannot achieve this dream by myself alone thus I believe SCUHS is the perfect platform for me to begin my journey towards Chiropractic profession.

People might think 13 as unlucky number, but the truth is that this number means nothing. Life has kicked me multiple times yet I was able to stand up again. As Newton’s third law states, for every action always equals a reaction thus I wanted to kick back in life and become a better version of myself than I was before. True change starts from within, and success does not depend on whether you are lucky or unlucky because I believe if it is meant for you, it will be given to you. More importantly, I do believe that helping and transforming other people’s lives is my call.