How iWritegigs.com Helps Students With Online Class

               Many colleges and universities in California are offering online classes.  Online classes address the needs of many students seeking to complete a degree or certificate in a specific program but do not have the time to attend a traditional class.  Without these online classes, many students will not be able to obtain a degree or certificate due to work restrictions or family obligations.

               For struggling students in California who need help with their online classes, iwritegigs.com is available to help solve your problems.  Since the online class services was launched, iwritegigs.com has assisted several dozens of students with classes that range from History, Philosophy, Political Science, Sociology, Biology, Algebra, Psychology including Financial Management and Paralegal classes.  So far, majority of the final grades are A with some students getting a B. 

Contribute Useful and Meaningful Insight to Discussions and Replies

               iWritegigs.com offers a broad range of services for a struggling student who want to obtain an above average grade for their class.  Our services include helping the students write weekly posts for the discussions and replies which are standard requirement for many online classes.  Getting complete points for the discussions and replies is essential to obtaining the highest grade. The trick is to contribute to the healthy discussion by adding useful and important insights to the topic.

Submit Assignments on Time

               Need 1500-word paper? iWritegigs.com will ensure that the required essays will be delivered on time.  We emphasize on timely submission of all papers to achieve the highest possible point.  The goal is to ensure that the student obtains the maximum number of points for each class requirement since every perfect score in the tasks assigned brings the student closer to getting an A

Take Exams

               Struggling with your midterm and final exams? Most online exams require reading through several chapter of the required textbook.  With our online class solutions, we can help simplify complex terms and topics to make it easier for you to understand your subjects.  Our team of professional writers will make the necessary preparations so that we can make you ready before taking the grueling exams.  Our goal is to help you obtain the maximum points for each quizzes and exams so we have the best chance of getting an A.

               Taking online classes require a strong partnership between the student and the writer.  There has to be a constant communication between the student for any information that the professor may have provided the student on their emails.  The writer is required to pay close attention to the professor’s requirements to achieve their goals.  With our online class solutions, you can have the freedom you always dreamed of.  


Our expertise:

1. Political Science

A.  Political Science 1 – American Government

B.  Political Science 1 – Government of the United States and California

C. Political Science 1 – Government of the United States and California

C.  Political Science 1

D. The Court Structure

E Globalyceum Exams

2. Sociology

A. Soc 348 – Juvenile Deliquency

B. URBS 310 – Growth and Sustainable Development of Cities

C. Soc 001 – Introduction to Sociology

C. Soc 202 – Sociological Analysis

D. Soc 305 – Culture and Personality

E. Soc 324 – Sociology of Sex and Gender

F.  CD 361 – Language Development in Children

G. CD 001 – Child Growth and Development

G. CJS 340 – Ethics in Criminal Justice

A. What is Sociology?

B.  Three Main Sociological Perspectives

3. Anthropology

A.  Anthropology 150 – The Human Adventure

B. Anthropology 1 – Physical Anthropology

C. Anthropology 1 – Biological Anthropology 

D. Anthropology 101 – Human Biological Evolution

4. Paralegal 

A. Paralegal 011 – Introduction to Civil Litigation

B. Contract Law for Paralegal

5. Biology

A. Biology 1 – Life Sciences


6. Psychology

A. Psychology 041 – From Infancy to Old Age

B. Psych 041 – Life Span Psychology

7. History

A. CHS 245 – History of the Americas

B. History 101 – United States History to 1877

C. History 102 – United States History Since 1877

D. Dance 102 – Middle Eastern Dance History

8. Geography

A. Geography 322OL – Geography of Latin America

B. Geog 321 – The United States

9.  Management 

A. MGT 360 – Management and Organizational Behavior

B. Management 360 – Management and Organizational Behavior

10. Ethics

A. RS 361 – Contemporary Ethical Issues

11. Family

A. FCS 340 – Marriage and Family

12. Writing

A. WR1 – College Writing

13.  Communication

A. English 1A – Principles of Composition

B.  Coms 356 – Intercultural Communication

C. Communication Studies 35 – Interpersonal Communication

D. Speech Communications 101 – Introduction to Public Speaking

14. Health

A. Health 011 – Principles of Healthful Living

B. Allied Health 033 – Medical Terminology

15. Art

A. Art History 25 – History of Western Art

16. Hospitality Management

A. Hospitality 303 – Hotel Front Office Operations

B. Hospitality 330 – Managing Technology and e-Commerce

Physiol 011 - Introduction to Human Physiology

Soc 497 - Social Research Methods

Psychology 1 - Intro to Psychology