ESL student improves his writing technique with the help of essay writers

Writing is a difficult task in itself for many. Writing in perfect English, considering correct grammar, syntax, organization and etc. is much more difficult for those who did not grow up reading, writing, and conversing English. For students who have English as a Second Language (ESL), essay writing could be a very difficult challenge.

Aba, a foreign student studying in a local community college in California, had always struggled to express his ideas through writing. This challenge becomes even more difficult whenever he needs to write in English. As an immigrant who has come to the United States to study, he must constantly face difficulty in his writing assignments.

Driven by both frustration and dire need to improve his writing, he got the services of iWriteGigs to help him in his writing assignments. He would share his ideas in the instructions of his orders and comment on the orders he receive. The professional academic writers helped him translate his ideas into well-written English papers.

Once he became more comfortable to write his own essays, he would write the first drafts of his essays and have them checked by iWriteGigs and add or revise some parts before submitting to his professor.

In this process, Aba continuously improved his own writing. Semester after semester, the team helped Aba in his writing projects. By the end of his senior year, he was writing his own essay assignments with little help from iWriteGigs writers and editors.

He shares his gratitude to the company, “If not for iWriteGigs, maybe I failed in my studies. It’s not that I lack the knowledge to do well in school. It is just hard for me to express my ideas in English writing. I am lucky to have this team assist me all the way!”

Aba’s story reflects how professional essay writers help students reach their full potential in school.